Review “One” A Film By Givin

This Laguna Beach to Salt Lake City transplant is much more than your average scruffy-haired jib kid. Having proved he’s just as comfortable hitting back country kickers and powder lines, he can now add another title to his frowing list- Director.

Up and coming snow producer and director Keegan Valaika presents “One”. A true snowboarding movie for snowboarders, by snowboarders. It’s a riders film focused on the soul of snowboarding and the lifestyle that comes along with it.

 Between a great soundtrack, impressive roster of riders and Forest Baileys creativity “One” is definitely something to talk about. This unique look at a dedicated group of riders is sure to entertain and inspire you to get out and ride. Sit back and enjoy the GIVIN teaser for “One”.

GIVIN presents ‘One’ the teaser from Jon Francis on Vimeo.

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